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dukaPC provides EVERYTHING that a beginner or someone struggling with ordinary computers needs: A computer, easy to use big button software, unlimited telephone support, broadband and daily content. No annoying pop ups or update requests. We take care of the technology. Join the dukaPC family now….and enjoy life online

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! dukaPC tablet, just £199 plus service subscription.

Ideal for beginners and computer strugglers. Simple to set up, safe and easy to use, with unlimited telephone support. 30 day money back guarantee.

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Welcome to the dukaPC family

We already help help more than 20,000 people enjoy life online.

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dukaPC - the friendly computer

Simple. Just plug in and enjoy! Easy. Email, internet, entertainment, news and more using our big button software. Help. Unlimited telephone support if you get stuck or want to try something new.

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